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Green Earth Organics (G.E.O.)  

We concentrate on one thing: True Organics. Even though we carry many organic products, we feel as our organic fertilizers rain supreme to anything on the market today.  Our organic fertilizers are designed to function in diverse geographic and environmental conditions. Green Earth Organic fertilizers are lab tested and certified to be pathogen free.       G.E.O.'s horticultural and home use fertilizers have benefits that last long after they are applied to help anything with roots thrive. We care about your children, pets, and the environment, so for a better, brighter, and healthier future one decision should be clear; GO GREEN, GO ORGANIC

Our Mission
We think of organics, rather it be on your turf, plants, or crops as an investment in the world's future.  We can recommend a proven organic fertilizer, designed to get higher yields and more profits, with a focus on the legacy we leave your children.

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